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Do You Worry About The Quality Of Your Food?

You probably should be very concerned about:

  • What chemicals have been applied that don’t easily wash off?

  • What toxic pesticides and herbicides (like glyphosate) have been sprayed?

  • How many people have touched it between the farm and the store (especially now)?

  • Has it lost nutrients because it’s old produce that’s taken DAYS to get into the grocery store?

  • How many produce recalls have there been because of listeria, E. coli and salmonella?

  • Is it certified organic and healthy?

  • What happens if our food supply chain fails?

Spraying crops with toxic insecticides - notice he's covered in Personal Protective Equipment?

There is actually a very simple, old-school solution to all these worries…

It’s Easy to Grow Your Own Veggies

No, I’m not talking about digging up a huge plot in your back yard. That’s back breaking work, and maybe you don’t even have a yard. You’d still need pesticides, dirt, fertilizer and just try to keep the critters away!

Using simple, easy to set up 21st century technology that anyone can afford:

  • Automate the entire growing cycle so plants grow 30% faster than regular growing methods.

  • Grow 12 months out of the year, even during the winter months when it’s freezing cold outside.

  • You only need a 2×2′ area in your home, balcony or patio to grow more fresh veggies than you can eat.

Fresh Vegetables

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Your grandma had a garden, didn’t she? But this ain’t grandma’s garden. It’s way better.

Why Is This Site Called “Grow Free Veggies”?

Are they really free? Well, yes, they actually are:

  • Absolutely FREE of toxic pesticides.

  • FREE of human contact (until  you harvest it of course)!

  • FREE from nutrient loss, because you literally pick it and eat it – you don’t even have to wash it off.

  • FREES your time because you don’t have to shop for it.

  • Eating healthy veggies FREES your body of oxidative stress and boosts your immune system!

Delicious, healthy salad

Of course, nothing good is completely FREE in cost, but the very modest cost actually pays for itself very quickly. Then everything you produce is essentially FREE from then on (just costing pennies)!

This is 21st century gardening. Watch now to see exactly how it’s done…

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Eat healthy, my friends!