Grow a Small-Space (Sub)urban Vegetable Garden

Feed your family with home-grown super foods without digging in the dirt.

Free Workshop

Spring will be upon us very soon, and if you have room, you may already be planning your vegetable garden now.

Growing a backyard vegetable garden is a lot of work, though, with all the digging, soil prep, fertilization, weeding and keeping unwanted critters from digging up and eating your stuff.

Even if you live in an apartment and thought there’s no way to have a garden, you can actually have a productive and delicious garden with healthy veggies in a small space without any dirt at all.

21st Century Gardening – No More Brown Thumbs!

Fresh veggies
If you have a “brown thumb” like I do and can’t grow a cactus, there’s hope. You can grow your own veggies on auto-pilot that will taste better and have more nutrition than the sad produce you get at the store.

This is because of a simple, automated 21st century twist to an old-school solution that anyone can do, whether you live in an apartment or you have a house with a big back yard. Best of all, you can save $1000-2000 per year in hard food costs.

In this free workshop, I’ll show you:

  • How you can be self-sufficient and feed you and your family with a 2×2’ corner of your home, balcony or patio without ever putting a shovel in the dirt!
  • Easily grow your favorite nutrient-packed foods that have far more nutrition than even organic produce you get at the store
  • If you have kids, they’ll learn some science, where food comes from, and they’ll love picking and eating food you grew together

With very little effort or space, you can control your own food supply, making sure there are no toxic pesticides or herbicides and it is as fresh and nutrient packed as possible.

Register now for this live workshop and get all your questions answered on the call.

Wednesday, February 24
12:00 pm PT/3 pm ET